Top 8 Dream Fake Supercars On Craigslist For Less Than $30,000

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Ferrari F40

A real Ferrari F40 in good condition will cost you well over $1 million. But if you’d be willing to have a fake F40 at a fraction of the price then you’re in luck. Or maybe not. Depends on that shame factor once again. Unfortunately, the Dallas, Texas-based seller provides zero details here, only that it’s a replica (thanks for reminding us), requires gasoline, has a clean title, and a manual transmission. The price: $25,000. Cash only. A few causes for suspcision: one of the images has two watermarks: ‘’ and ‘North Shore Sales and Leasing.’ It’s pretty clear where the first dealer is located, but a quick search indicates the second is in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida. Two separate dealerships selling the same car for cash only?

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