Top 8 Dream Fake Supercars On Craigslist For Less Than $30,000

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Ferrari 308 GTB

Fan of Magnum, P.I.? Well in that case here’s the 1979 Ferrari 308 GTB of your dreams for just $24,900. Hang on to your mustache because this award winning kit car has only 45,000 miles and “drives like a dream.” Its original V6 is still there and – you’ll never believe this – started life out as a Pontiac Fiero. Shocked, aren’t you? To the owner/builder’s credit, this is by far one of the better 308 replicas we’ve seen inside and out. Supposedly everything works properly, including the AC, power locks, and sun roof. Some modern upgrades include a Kenwood Bluetooth hands-free stereo and new interior. Don’t forget your Hawaiian shirt.

Ferrari Dino

Another Dino replica? Yep, only this one is a rare Kelmark Engineering kit car instead of something Pontiac Fiero-based. Without question this Dino replica is better than the previous one for a number for reasons, chief among them being a Chevrolet 350 V8 is located at mid-ship paired to a Cadillac Eldorado turbo hydramatic transmission (read: automatic). The seller says the car was custom built with a full tubular frame and chassis with integrated head and foot roll bars. It has just 18,800 miles on its odo and seems to be in good overall condition. At $19,995 it’s certainly tens of thousands less than the real deal. And hey, at least it has a V8.

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