Top 8 Dream Fake Supercars On Craigslist For Less Than $30,000

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Porsche Carrera GT

Ever fancy a Porsche Carrera GT? Here’s your chance to kind of sort of own one. For $24,000 (is this guy nuts?) you can be the proud owner of this 2005 Carrera GT replica. In the description it’s says it “looks like a million dollar car.” Oh honey, just no. A stretched Fiero GT V6 chassis was the starting point. The body isn’t completely terrible, but we weren’t fooled for a second. Unfortunately, however, it’s currently lacking an interior, additional paint, and a top. So go ahead. Make an offer. Got anything decent for a trade? Or just pass entirely. Uh, pass?

Lamborghini Diablo

Why journey all the way to Italy when you can build your very own Lamborghini Diablo from the comfort of your own garage. For a mere $5,000 you buy this very much a work in progress 1999 Diablo Roadster kit car. Right. So… it’s still a Fiero? Indeed. The old Pontiac’s frame has been rubberized and undercoated, but all you’re really getting here is an engine, fake Diablo Roadster body, and a manual transmission. The Fiero’s wheels are still there. The seller claims he’s got other projects to work on and thus no time for this one. Put it to you like this: a first generation Mazda Miata can be had for around the same amount.

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