Top 8 Dream Fake Supercars On Craigslist For Less Than $30,000

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With one price exception.

Just because people want to buy a supercar doesn’t mean they can afford one. But if you lack any shame, then a replica supercar may be the best alternative. Obviously the range of fake supercars out there is fairly big, from the blatantly oh so horribly obvious to a darn near carbon copy. Of course you’ll pay more for the latter but even then prices are typically no more than $30,000. Yes, there are many perfectly good sports cars out there that aren’t replicas for that price, but none of them have that (replica) Ferrari or Lamborghini badge.

Ferrari F30

Let’s start with outright shameless. It’s more fun this way. This “Ferrari F30” is a supposed Best in Show winner for an exotic or kit car. It’s really a 1986 Pontiac Fiero. Currently located in Beverly Hills, the seller goes into great detail about all of the work that’s been done over the years, such as a recent complete engine overhaul. The body is made from hand-laid fiberglass and Kevlar. The interior also features a number of modern amenities, such as Hi-Def audio and a backup camera. The seller is firm on the $28,500 price. Why not negotiate? Because the car was cast to be featured in a Michael Jackson music video with Live Nation. Well, Michael is sadly gone and this is still a replica, no matter how much money the owner invested.

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