TOP 5 Trails Running Shoes You Need in Your Closet

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Altra King MT 1.5

Weight: 10.6 oz. (US M9); 9 oz. (US W8)
Height Stack: 19 mm heel/19 mm forefoot (zero drop)
Price: $140; available now

The Altra King MT 1.5 is the wild one of the group. While not as light as it appears or runs, it is a lively, low-slung, all-terrain shoe that can cross over to day-to-day trail running if you like a lot of ground feel. It is also a great choice for OCR-type races and training. It features an outsole with 6mm lugs and Altra’s resilient and responsive zero drop midsole. The quick drying ripstop upper has a roomy toe box and no heel counter, yet everything is held by the stout and effective midfoot strap. For all the mud, snow and loose scree you’ll be slogging through, the shoes come with a four-point GaiterTrap to easily change your socks and shoes without removing the gaiter. The King MT is just plain fun to run in, and we particularly enjoyed it on snow where both harder, slipperier surfaces and deeper powder were handled with ease.

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