Top 5 of the Coolest Wheelchair-Accessible Trails to Visit at US National Parks

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The Trail of the Cedars and Running Eagle Falls, Glacier National Park

Both the Trail of the Cedars, in West Glacier, and Running Eagle Falls, in the Two Medicine area, are wheelchair accessible.

Running Eagle Falls is a double waterfall, also called “trick falls,” It’s just over half a mile on a flat trail. Trail of the Cedars is a one-mile roundtrip boardwalk through a lush hemlock and cedar forest. It travels over a bridge across the beautiful Avalanche Gorge.

Sunrise and Sunset Points, Bryce Canyon National Park

There are four main lookout points on the road past the Bryce Canyon Visitor’s center. You can park at either of the first two, Sunrise and Sunset Points, and traverse the paved half-mile between them.

It’s all paved and a very moderate grade – and the views are incredible, no matter where the sun is. You can also drive to Inspiration and Bryce Points.

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