Top 5 of the Coolest Wheelchair-Accessible Trails to Visit at US National Parks

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Our National Parks are for everyone. They’re big, beautiful parts of the public domain. However, many parks, with their steep trails and limited access can perhaps feel physically exclusive.

In 1990, after the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), parks started to build wheelchair-accessible trails, campgrounds, exhibits and accommodations. These days, there are certainly some amazing options on offer.

Here are five of the coolest wheelchair-accessible trails at U.S. national parks. And remember, U.S. citizens (or permanent residents) with permanent disabilities can get a free access pass to National Parks.

Boardwalk Loop Trail, Congaree National Park

The 2.4-mile boardwalk starts at the Harry Hampton Visitor Center, then winds through old-growth bottomland hardwood forest.

It’s a forester and a birdwatcher’s dream, filled with bald cypress, tupelo trees, loblolly pines, oaks, maples and holly. Keep your eyes peeled for red-shouldered hawks, and all kinds of turtles.

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