Maintain Your Strength When running, Do Your Weaknesses

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Ways to Improve Your Weaknesses Without Neglecting Your Strengths

But how will you get better by just working on something you’re already good at? It’s a catch-22 and a fine balance to be sure. We need to spend time on our weaknesses, and when we’re time-crunched we can’t just add that training on the top of everything else. I’ve previously talked about how to get more out of your training by being more specific to the race you have on the calendar. You can also work on your weaknesses by including it into your regular training, thus saving time and continuing to work your strengths. Combine a technical downhill workout into a lung-busting VO2 max hill session. That’s the first way.

Second solution: Periodization. Periodize your training cycle so that you spend a certain amount of time training your weakness, then come back to your strengths. Just like a marathoner periodizes their training block into a base phase, strength/endurance phase, speed, and finally a taper, taking a deep dive into how to make one of your weaknesses a strength may take more than just small additions to workouts. Make sure you always come back to training your strengths well ahead of your key races so that you’re at peak fitness and as strong, mentally and physically, as possible.

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