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As you work to go from wedge turns to parallel turns, move the transfer onto the new ski sooner up in the turn. The sooner in the turn you can move onto that working ski, the more your turns will be parallel and controlled.


With the ultimate goal of carving parallel turns, test driving the edges of your skis can help you feel how they work. On a flat surface, stand with your skis parallel at hip width apart and body weight balanced in your boots.

To experiment with edges, push your shins into your boots slightly on the left side and then right side. You should feel the edges of your skis bite into the snow rather than the flat bottoms sliding. You should also feel the big toe of one foot and the little toe of the other pushing down on the boots.

Then, move the experiment to a gentle slope. When learning to carve a parallel turn, focus on pressuring the big toe on the working ski and using less pressure on the little toe of the resting ski.

As you cross the slope with skis parallel, push the big toe of your working ski. If you push harder on that toe, your skis will turn uphill or even stop.

Reverse your direction on the slope to test the other edges. Then, try out full turns and concentrate on pressuring the big toe of the working ski and pressing less on the little toe of the resting ski. After each turn finishes, swap the ski jobs and focus on the opposite toes.

Carving parallel turns simply requires moving between the big toe and little toe edges of the skis. In short, the skis start the turn on edges, flatten briefly in the middle on the fall line and finish the turn by going onto the opposite edges.


When parallel skiers swap which ski is pressured at the end of each turn, the action happens at the same time with both feet. The skis roll together to the new edges and the newly pressured working ski.

Part of the edge change happens when “standing up,” which flattens the skis. Since the primary flex happens in the ankles, pushing off both skis involves standing up to transfer to the new working ski to initiate the next turn.

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