Hiking The Untamed Wilderness Of Dominica

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Iwas on board the Express des Iles, the ferry coming from Martinique, when we approached the south coast of Dominica. Imposing hills, covered in green forest to the very top, meet the sea creating a dramatic panorama. At that point, a scene from the film “Jurassic Park” came to my mind. I knew this island was going to be special.

I had 2 weeks to fill with travel adventures and get lost in this paradise for nature lovers. And the options were endless. The island is covered by numerous hiking trails for all different levels. For some of them, a good hiking GPS is recommended. The Waitukubuli Trail crosses the whole island from north to south in 14 segments and takes between 11 and 14 days to complete. At the same time, there are other interesting sights that can be reached by day-hikes or by side-trips from the Waitukubuli. At the end, I decided to do a combination of all the options available. I hiked some segments of the Waitukubuli carrying my beloved expedition camping hammock as well as other single hikes like the “Boiling Lake”, “Titiu George” or “Middleham Falls”.

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