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On the second day, we woke up to have breakfast and we realized we hadn’t spent the night alone. No further than 20ft away from where we camped, there were Mountain Lion footprints. Wildlife had made its way through without any harm – we were blessed.

As we made our way through Desolation Wilderness, we had to completely rely on our navigation skills. The snow-covered terrain kept lacking of easy trails to follow. Our goal for the day was to make it to the Pacific Crest Trail. But more than our goal, it also served as our motivation. The Pacific Crest Trail, known for its 2,663 miles (4,286 km) across the United States, from Mexico to Canada. We were excited because we could hop on the Pacific Crest Trail, even if it was only for sliver of the trail. After a climb that probably took us a couple of hours, we finally made it to the PCT.

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