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Show Us Your Hike: Desolation WildernessShow Us Your Hike: Desolation WildernessShow Us Your Hike: Desolation Wilderness


We had the same experience in Desolation Wilderness, yet our takeaway was vastly different. With mountains rising high above the neighbouring terrain, it was very challenging to keep a steady pace while hiking. The vast, sharp and cold snow didn’t make it any easier to reach our final destination – perhaps our ambitions didn’t meet our gear preparedness.

The first day of hiking in Desolation Wilderness we put our fears, frustrations, and hopes to the test by trying to hike even with no trace of trail, a trail that was covered beneath the white powder around us. All we had were strong legs, navigations skills, and will. But even then, it wasn’t enough to achieve the planned miles to hike.
As we moved forward, we were graced with snow covered rocky landscapes, frozen crystal lakes, and milky clouds across the blue sky. As the time to set up camp came quickly, we found a beautiful spot for the first night, where we could gaze at the red fire circle as it disappeared beneath the horizon.

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