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For this series, we invite our readers to share their favourite adventure. Our guest writer today is an outdoor adventure, nature and culture lover. His name is Angel Moreno, he’s a certified Wilderness First Responder and like us, he is always looking for new crazy things to do. Along with his girlfriend Michelle, he writes the adventure travel blog Anywhere At Home . Without further ado, Angel, show us your adventure!

Imagine a place where you can experience every feeling known to mankind: fear, anxiety, frustration, hope, joy, love and trust. Imagine a place where there are more answers than questions to ask. Imagine a place where there is more beauty than what your mind can comprehend. That place has a name, it’s called Desolation Wilderness.

Michelle and I took off on a three day backpacking trip into Desolation Wilderness. It is a great destination for backpackers during the summer, but since we desired to enjoy the wilderness aspect we headed there during winter. It’s far less populated in the winter. There are plenty of trailheads to start from, but we started from Bayview Trailhead, overlooking Emerald Bay.

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