Best 15 Change Your Running Workouts For Better Running Performance

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12. Challenge a Friend

If you wanted to work on your speed and have some fun, run with a friend who’s a bit faster than you. Challenge your body to do more by chasing your friend throughout the run. This will give you the extra motivation to practice your willpower, plus it helps to have someone talking to while running.

13. Add Weight

Weight training will increase your strength and can help you avoid injuries, pick up a great running program that adds strength and core training. Try 5×5, 3×5 or other strength training exercise.

14. Listen to your Body

If you feel like you don’t want to run, just don’t. Recovery is important as the running workouts, if you don’t recover properly you might not perform to the fullest. Without proper rest, you’ll risk yourself with injuries and over training, which can backslide your gains and performance.

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