Best 15 Change Your Running Workouts For Better Running Performance

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6. Speed Play

Not really a routine, (am I the only one that does this :P) Try to challenge yourself to speed up and run as hard as you can until you reach the next road sign, or try to pass other runners, cars (good luck) or something / someone. The goal is to push yourself to run as hard, as fast as you can to reach the goal, its the little achievements that counts!

7. Get a Group

Join a club or a group of runners, some cities has a group that runs, see if you can join them. You can gain a lot of knowledge by talking to them during your runs and it creates pressure to yourself since you need always in shape to run, fix your form and have a better running workout program.

8. Beat the Music

Sometimes running on the road will bore you, better grab your ipod or phone and listen to rock music or whatever genre of music you wanted. I usually listen to slow music, and move onto rock music which gives me an extra push of motivation to run more.

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