Best 15 Change Your Running Workouts For Better Running Performance

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3. Tabatas

Tabata training is an all out sprint, the idea behind is to go hard as you can for 20 seconds, and then rest for 10 seconds. Repeat the workout eight times giving it your all. You can do stairs, flats or whatever you have for your workout, you can even download an app that will create the workout for you. Gradually build up, and move on to more challenging training.

4. Climbing

Tackle a long uphill with steep incline to challenge your leg strength, cardio, and mental toughness. Make sure you plan the route that has uphills or different levels. Be careful not to injure yourself, take short breaks as walks to asses yourself.

5. Go Trail Running

Challenge yourself with trail running on different terrain, rocks, mud and other stuff that’s lying there. Speed is not the key here, but concentration and decision making. This will keep you alert and will drain you to your max (depends on the terrain though), make sure you have a great set of trail running shoes.

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