Best 15 Change Your Running Workouts For Better Running Performance

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If you’re getting board with your running workouts, you need to try different running routines to shake things up. I usually do these per week to make sure I won’t burned out / bored on running, honestly running on road everyday will bore you.

These are based on different runners, coaches, fitness professional friends that I am following and they give you a different boost and will challenge your running skills and cardio, more of your cardio, really.

Different Running Work Out Routines

1. Running Repeat

Do a set of intervals, like set up a 200 meters (gauge yourself) and run hard, rest for a period and do it again. I do 1 minute running as hard as I can and 1 minute walk to rest. The challenge is pushing yourself (distance, intensity and will power) and rest as fast as you can while walking, this is good to train your form and breathing. Next time you do it, double the distance, and everything including effort.

2. Stair Master

Stairs or ladders will give you a different challenge than the traditional repeat workout, this workout will help you managing your steam. Going up and down the stairs while leaving something in the tank to finish it. I usually do 15 minutes as fast as I can, but vary yourself first, and please be careful going up and down, remove all the things that might trip you. This is also great for building those calf and leg muscles, for light stride and kick off.

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