A Beginner’s Guide to an Overnight Hike

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If you’re not staying at a designated campsite, remember to respect wildlife by choosing to camp in an appropriate (preferably open) area. Make sure you leave enough daylight to make camp as there’s nothing worse than fumbling and stumbling around with a head torch trying to fathom out how to erect a tent in pitch blackness.

Keep Your Camp Etiquette in Check

It sounds so simple, but be sure not to disturb the wildlife, or others camping nearby. Remember not to play loud music, take care with fire and don’t let dogs go wild.

Other Handy Tips

Making checklists for food and equipment can save crucial items being forgotten. Try to keep clothes and food in dry (or plastic) bags so they avoid getting soggy in a storm. Also, practice setting up your tent and firing up the stove at home and ensure you keep stove fuel away from food, and while on the trail, give uphill hikers the right of way.

And finally … if you have space, bring along a pair of camp shoes. (Easing off clunky clodhoppers clotted with mud to slip into a pair of lighter shoes is one of camping’s unsung pleasures.)

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