A Beginner’s Guide to an Overnight Hike

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Layers will keep you cozy after sunset and in the crisp early morning, but are easy to peel off as the day warms up.

Waterproofs are a must. The weather can change very quickly and if you’re devoid of shelter, being soggy is a sad feeling indeed. Don’t forget a water purifier and be sure to take sunscreen, a headlamp, a basic emergency kit and a shovel.

You’ll also need utensils to eat, a stove and a pan in order to heat up water for dinner or coffee in the morning.

Pack items such as water, a map, snacks or the first aid kit in pouches in your pack that are easy to access.

What Food to Bring

Light, compact and nutritionally dense is the aim. Instant oatmeal with dried/fresh fruit and seeds will kickstart your day. Lunch could be tortilla wraps stuffed with peanut butter and cheese, while dinner could be brown pasta with chickpeas, pesto and cherry tomatoes swirled in.

Remember to bring a ton of snacks to chomp on. Try make your own homemade trail mix by throwing nuts, seeds, dried fruit and chocolate together.

What to Do About Wildlife

Wildlife will most likely be forewarned of your presence as you move along the path but read up on dangerous wildlife that may be on the route with you, and take all necessary precautions. At night, keep all food in secure containers and away from your tent. Don’t forget to stash trash at night to avoid attracting wild animals.

Going to the Bathroom

Have you ever seen a cat go to the bathroom? That’s you in the wild. Dig a hole with your shovel, and after you’ve finished your business, bury your paper in the hole. Cover it all up and you shouldn’t be able to spot a thing.

Keep Your Waste in Order

Get rid of trash properly by carrying it onto your final destination. You may think a banana peel is biodegradable but it likely doesn’t belong in the wilderness you’ve opted to discard it in. Tie trash to the outside of your pack to keep it from dirtying up the inside.

Choose Your Campsite Wisely

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